Arm wrong base coordinates?

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Arm wrong base coordinates?

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Hello everyone,
I tried to make the inverse kinematics for the kuka-kr5-r850 in order to learn how to do it. Everything when well:
  Downloaded the dae from the link

  run it through the ikfast python to get the cpp: --database inversekinematics --robot=kuka-kr5-r850.dae --iktests=100

changed the main program in order to compute the forward kinematics with joints values (0,0,0,0,0,0),

and i got a solution but in the wrong frame:
1 0 0 0      where it should be   1 0 0 0.56
0 1 0 0                                    0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0                                    0 0 1 0.79

because the origin frame should be set at the base of the robot.

The strange thing is that if i use the already generated CPP file downloaded from

i get the correct solution..

i already tried with several robots from the examples and i always get the wrong thing (it is like the reference frame is located at the mounting flange and not the base)

How may i fix this?

Best regards