Attaching end effector to robot

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Attaching end effector to robot

Hey everyone,

I unsuccessfully tried to add a hand to the kuka robot following the tutorial

<Robot name="Kuka_modified">
    <robot file="kuka-kr30l16.dae"/>
    <robot file="endeffector_knife.dae"/>
      <Body name="hand_root">
          <RotationAxis>0 0 1 -90</RotationAxis>
          <Translation>0.0 0.00 0.00</Translation>
      <Joint name="dummy" type="hinge" enable="false">
        <limits>0 0</limits>
        <axis>1 0 0</axis>
    <Manipulator name="new_arm">
      <closingdirection>1 1</closingdirection>
      <direction>1 0 0</direction>
      <Translation>0.125 0 0</Translation>

I'm getting a few errors. Especially the second error seems strange. do I overlook something here?

xmlSAXUserParseFile: error parsing /.../kuka_modified.robot.xml: openrave (Assert): [/build/buildd/openrave0.8-dp-] -> virtual bool OpenRAVEXMLParser::RobotXMLReader::endElement(const string&), expr: roottransoffset>=0&&roottransoffset<=(int)_probot->_veclinks.size()
already processed last tag for robot!