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Rosen Diankov
hi all,

Problems with Coin3d/SoQt don't look like they will ever end and
*many* people have complained about the libraries. Although I have
received many promises to release a new graphics plugin, no one has
succeeded in this venture yet; it remains an open challenge.

If there is a genius programmer out there who can create a graphics
plugin on a stable, cross-platform 3d graphics library that gets it at
least 90% as functional as the current soqt plugin, then we can
promise these things:

- it will become officially supported by openrave
- any future openrave changes/features additions will go into it
- eventually it will become 100% functional
- eternal glory on the openrave wiki for the plugin writer ;0)

When choosing a 3d graphics library, there are a couple of important
factors that have to be considered:

1. The library must be able to create graphics contexts on multiple
threads and manage them in a safe way. Eventually we would want to
attach and tear down any number of viewers for any of the environments
in openrave.

2. The library must import COLLADA, VRML, and IV files

3. the library must be supported on linux, windows, and mac osx

4. it should be under active development with a community behind it.

5. the license should be similar to BSD, LGPL, or Apache Version 2.0

One library that might meet this criteria is OpenSceneGraph

If any programmer wishes to undertake this challenge, please send me
your plans before starting. As some of you have noticed, there are
strict coding standards for openrave.

thank you and hopefully we can have an alternative to soqt that would
be more pleasant to use!

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