CheckSelfCollision throws an exception with pqp

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CheckSelfCollision throws an exception with pqp


I am changing the CollisionChecker to pqp in C++ and I am getting an OpenRAVE::openrave_exception (Bad Ptr) when using CheckSelfCollision afterwards. However CheckCollision works fine.
The other thing is when I use the same code with ode CollisionChecker everything works.

This is the code I am using:
    CollisionCheckerBasePtr pchecker = RaveCreateCollisionChecker(penv,"pqp");
    penv->CheckCollision(penv->GetKinBody("myrobot"),penv->GetKinBody("target")); <- Works.    
    penv->GetKinBody("myrobot")->CheckSelfCollision();  <- Causes an exception.

Thanks for your help.