Collada File Segfaults when opening

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Collada File Segfaults when opening

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Hello Openrave, I am pretty new to Ubuntu in general. But I am running into a strange problem when only trying to open Collada files within Openrave. I know there is a like 2 similar questions already on the forums but they didn't seem to help me.

I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed, OpenRave 0.9, and Ros Hydro. I am using Robotiq's atlas robot, which I got from "" . I started with a URDF file and the STL's and used the Collada-Urdf package to convert it correctly to a DAE file (also know this file works because someone on another system could open this same file). It created correctly and everything, and I made a manifest.xml to call the robot hand. My openrave will open other types of models it supports like IV models. I also added to my .bashrc :
"export OPENRAVE_DATA=$OPENRAVE_DATA:$~/ros/openrave_planning/collada_robots/data/robots"

The path I moved the DAE file to already had other DAE files in it, from other people working with openrave grasp planning (with different models), so I can assume that openrave use to be able to open collada files on this computer.

When I actually type "openrave s-model_articulated.dae" I get two things:
First it tells me that ../openrave-0.9/plugins/ was not loading. From what I could tell when googling that package, is that you can just remove it, so i did and now it just says, there is no such file or directory.
Second it says [textserver.h:403] text server listening on port 4765 (which is what it should do I am pretty sure). And then just Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I tried to include all the info I could to have you understand the state I am at, and maybe solve it easier. But if you need to know more I am going to be waiting for a reply.