Collision Check not working and how to set self generated Ik

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Collision Check not working and how to set self generated Ik

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I have a heaxapod robot defined in URDF and loaded the model with or_urdf plugin.

when I set the joint values to [0,-1.5,-1,5] which are clearly a self collison because the leg will be in the body, I wont get a collison.

robot.CheckSelfCollision() #returns false

Second Question:
When I try to use the following command

if not ikmodel.load():
Tgoal = numpy.array([0.04,0.04,0.01])
print manip.FindIKSolution(Tgoal, IkFilterOptions.CheckEnvCollisions)

I've got the following error

[with IkReal = double]:1885] ik solver ikfast ikfast.cc8d9832b22f3ed592fdfadf5254575c.Translation3D.leg_1  (dof=3) does not support iktype 0x67000001

However I've generated with the following command a perfektly working ik solution
python `openrave-config --python-dir` --robot=<myrobot_name>.dae --iktype=transform3d --baselink=2 --eelink=6 (...)

Is it possible to load the already generated solution in ikmodel?
all I want is to check if the IK solution is a collison or not.

Thanks in advance