Creating a robot in runtime using calibrated DH-parameters

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Creating a robot in runtime using calibrated DH-parameters

Hello Rosen, hello everyone.

I have been using OpenRave for 2 years for my robotics projects.
My last project involves robot calibration, because of some deviations in the physical robot comparing to the OpenRave model. The calibration was done using MatLab. Now I have "real" DH parameters of my physical robot and need to adjust the model to be able to use it for IK solutions.

Here is an example of original and calibrated DH parameters (one line of six):

theta   d             a     alpha
0         0.1885    0     -90

after calibration:

theta   d             a           alpha
-0.35   0.2118     0.007    -92.57

My question is how to adjust the OpenRave XML file to fit these new parameters.
If I just change the numbers in the XML I get some trash (changing of one parameter causes changing of another one).

I would try to compose a robot using the LinkInfo and JoinInfo structures, but I can't find any plausible example of it.

Thank you!