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Error FindIKSolution

Hi Rosen, Hi everybody,

I've got a frustrating error in my application and I really don't know how I can fix it.

Every time the user ask for a plan I start a new thread in which I call FindIKSolution. It works well the first two times. At the third one my application crashes due to the following error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::bad_weak_ptr> >'
  what():  tr1::bad_weak_ptr

I've found that the error is associated to this line in robotmanipulator.cpp:

return vFreeParameters.size() == 0 ? pIkSolver->Solve(localgoal, solution, filteroptions, psolution) : pIkSolver->Solve(localgoal, solution, vFreeParameters, filteroptions, psolution);

Can anyone help me please???