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Error loading Robot ZAE

Hi everybody,

I'm working on a motion planning plugin for ROS-Moveit using tha OpenRAVE environment. I've built and installed OpenRAVE git master and I'm using ROS Indigo under Ubutu 14.04. but when I try to load the collada model of a robot for example for the PR2 in a C++ program using the following code I get this error (same as here:


[colladareader.cpp:3444 handleError] COLLADA error: Failed to open  in daeLIBXMLPlugin::readFromFile
[colladareader.cpp:3444 handleError] COLLADA error: Failed to load
[environment-core.h:475 Load] load failed on file robots/pr2-beta-static.zae

However when I'm just writing a simple ROS package which is loading an OpenRAVE environment and a collada robot everything is working fine. It seams like this error is only appearing when MoveIt gets involved.
Since in the earlier question to this topic no real solution was found can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.