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I'm new to OpenRAVE and would like to ask a basic question before I put
more time into this:

I'm currently retrofit a Fanuc s420f with linuxcnc. In linuxcnc there is
a inverse kinematic module named "genserkins". Unfortunately this module
is build for a puma 560 and not an fanuc s420f or similar.

After got the robot to move I'm facing the problem that the joints on
the fanuc does not move like on the puma and so the inverse kinematic
with genserkins doesn't provide a correct result.

Let me explain on the attached picture: when I turn J1, J2 stays the
same on the puma 560 but changes on the fanuc. It looks to me that,
because of the kind how the arm is build, the angle of j2 reduces by the
same amount J1 adds. I'm sorry for this bad english/description. English
nor robotic is my native language ;)

or in different words: on the video ( i'm
only turning the first axis. you can see how the heavy arm is turning
but the light arm - with the sticker "fanuc robots" on it, is not
changing the angle against the base.

Here my question: Can I solve this with OpenRAVE? I need the c code for
the inverse kinematic to put into linuxcnc. linuxcnc has a interface for
ikfast already.

Thank's so much,


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Re: Fanuc s420f

will it be

mimic_pos and mimic_vel

witch solve my problem?