Generating IK using ikfast

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Generating IK using ikfast

Hi Rosen,

I am recently using OpenRave to simulate our WAM4 robot. Everything else is working fine. But when I try to generate the IK using command like "openrave.py --database inversekinematics
--robot=robots/barrettwam.robot.xml --iktype=translation3d
--freejoint=Wrist_Yaw --freejoint=Wrist_Pitch --freejoint=Wrist_Roll
--freejoint=Shoulder_Roll" or using python code to generate IK, it always shows the error
"ValueError: r cannot be bigger than the iterable".
I saw some messages in the users list discussing about this problem, but none of the solutions can fix it. I have tried different versions of OpenRave like 0.6, 0.8, and 0.9 in Windows XP with Python 2.6. But all of them got the same error. I stuck here for several days. Any suggestion or guidance would be MUCH appreciated!