IKFast: The Robot Kinematics Compiler for Win8.1 64Bit

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IKFast: The Robot Kinematics Compiler for Win8.1 64Bit

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Hello there guys im new to this forum after along time now really trying to understand IK/FK i come to learn about IKFast: The Robot Kinematics Compiler¬∂ but trying to setup IKFast with OpenRAVE on Win8.1 64Bit is not easy and mostly because the BOOST file that needs to be downloaded automatically aren't being loaded as the wizard does its thing when you first tryto instal the OpenRAVE.exe from http://openrave.org/docs/latest_stable/openravepy/ikfast/ and because of this fail to download from Boost host site i get a pop up saying that it cant be done "im sure it was more clear than that i just dont recall" but then after that pop up my whole setup wizard closes and IKFast stops downloading,  i tried the Download:Offline (latest_stable version): HTML | (NOTHING tho i did download a 85MB folder to my pc named openravehtml-latest_stable) but i see no EXE file to run a install as you would done with any other program? i did found on the website a exe named openrave-0.8.2-win32-vc100-setup.exe


so at the moment im not sure how to move on from this issue but i come here in hope someone can help direct or troubleshoot this problem as i have no where to turn to as in now.
things i downloaded from site