IKFast on the Motoman SDA10F

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IKFast on the Motoman SDA10F

Alex Henning-2

I'm trying to run IKFast on the Motoman SDA10F. I've converted the URDF
from the ROS-Industrial repository[1] to a collada file
(attached). Running IKFast on it doesn't seem to work, it freezes after
finding three nonconsecutive axes. I've tried rounding it as suggested
in the MoveIt documentation[2]. That only helps when I round it down to
one decimal place, which produces unacceptable results. When running it
rounded to five decimal places, I get the output seen in
ikfast-61.log. I have to kill it when it hits ~80% of 8GB of RAM after
two hours of it printing nothing and providing no feedback.

I tried updating to the version of IKFast in the master branch on
github. This seems to print more and use less RAM, however it eventually
crashes with "ValueError: A Matrix must have non-zero determinant to
invert." The full output is in ikfast-master.log.

Any help producing IKFast solutions for this robot would be greatly

[1] Motoman Repository: https://github.com/ros-industrial/motoman
[2] MoveIt IKFast documentation: http://docs.ros.org/hydro/api/moveit_ikfast/html/doc/ikfast_tutorial.html

Thanks in advance,
Alex Henning

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