IKFast solver, MoveIt not working, model too complex

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IKFast solver, MoveIt not working, model too complex

Hello guys,

My main goal is to create a custom IKFast plugin for a 7DOF arm like this one.

Following this tutorial  I have managed to generate an ikfast solver for my arm and then also a custom MoveIt! plugin to test it on my arm.

However, I suspect that there is something wrong since the arm is not working properly with the IkFast solver, because when using MoveIt! from Rviz and trying to move the marker the arm is not moving, but when a random position is selected then the arm is able to get to that position.

I have searched for solutions on this and I have found possible solutions: this ,this, where it was suggested that the arm is to complex, probably there are some issues with the generated collada file.

Have you found similar problems when creating an IKFast MoveIt! plugin ?
How can the the complexity of the arm be reduced ?