IKfast cpp compilation error

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IKfast cpp compilation error

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I am trying to find the IK solution for a non-conventional arm where there are not 3 consecutive intersecting axes. IKfast was able to generate a cpp file. However, I cannot compile it and it generates the following error:

/tmp/cccmUVqd.o: In function `IKSolver::solvedialyticpoly8qep(double const*, double*, int&)':
ikabb4a.cpp:(.text._ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi[_ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi]+0x492): undefined reference to `dgetrf_'
ikabb4a.cpp:(.text._ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi[_ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi]+0x9ce): undefined reference to `dgetrs_'
ikabb4a.cpp:(.text._ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi[_ZN8IKSolver21solvedialyticpoly8qepEPKdPdRi]+0xac2): undefined reference to `dgeev_'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [all] Error 1

Does this mean that IKfast failed to find a solution?
I must add that I successfully compiled other generated cpp files.

I attached the xml and cpp files.