Kinematic Reachability Documentation Lacking

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Kinematic Reachability Documentation Lacking

Hey guys,

New to OpenRave, but very impressed. Incredible work!

I have built a couple models of arms, wrote urdfs, converted them into dae's, and I am able to run the kinematicreachability module on them successfully. However, with the default options, I get an output that looks like this:


That coloring just doesn't seem right - I am not sure why the cloud is so segmented. I tried adjusting the coloring in MayaVI which helped me see things a bit clearer, but I still see this issue. (Perhaps I should try to parse the *.pp files in matlab) I have also seen this issue in another similar arm (though not to the same extent), and I don't think it's an issue in the models/dae's. Have you ever seen this issue?

I tried adjusting the parameters xyzdelta and quatdelta, but I am not really sure what they do - the documentation isn't very clear and the descriptions are the same for both:

                        The max radius of the arm to perform the computation
  --xyzdelta=XYZDELTA   The max radius of the arm to perform the computation
                        The max radius of the arm to perform the computation

What do these values actually mean/do? What units are they in? All I know is that if I make them too small, I get a MemoryError (32-bit python should be able to handle >1GB, but it cannot).

Also, what does the scalar "reachability" actually mean? Does a reachability of 1 mean that the end-effector can reach the desired location at any orientation?

It may sound like I'm bashing the program, but I'm really not. The work is incredible, and it has already saved me so much time in creating these maps. I just wished the documentation was a little bit more comprehensive.

Thanks again!