Kinematicreachability and Manipulability Metrics

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Kinematicreachability and Manipulability Metrics

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I am in the process of using OpenRAVE to try and iteratively design a custom manipulator, and I wanted to use the reachability capabilities to create some sort of methodology to see what I can from different joint configurations.

I was able to run the example on a few of the robots that come with OpenRAVE, but I had a few questions about how to interpret the data appropriately.

I know that the "bubble" around the manipulator specifies how far it can reach and that each different color means how many IK solutions are present to reach specific points in space, but what do the colors mean?

Like White = 1 solution, Green = 2 Yellow = 3, Red = 5, etc...

The other question I had was the max reachability number. I know it's normalized to 1.0 by default, but what does a 0.916 mean exactly?

I'm unsure on how to properly interpret this awesome data that I have in front of my face!

Thanks in advance!