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OpenRAVE 0.2.12 - Sensors

Rosen Diankov
Dear All,

OpenRAVE 0.2.12 (r1736, openrave_planning stack r673) has added many
cool new features for working with sensors:

- A sensor can be added into the environment without a robot using

- All the sensors in the environment can be queried using
Environment.GetSensors, this returns all sensors attached to all the
robots and all the environment sensors. Individual sensors can be
queried by name using GetSensor

- You can now store sensor parameters in side *.sensor.xml files and
include them from a parent xml file using the file="..." attribute.
Here's a tutorial:

Actually this applies to all interface types, not just sensors

- Cloning treats sensors separately now. In order to clone sensors
(robot+environment), the Clone_Sensors option has to be specified. The
definitions of the robot attached sensors are still cloned, but not
the internal interfaces.

- Destruction order has been cleaned up. Before, openrave would freeze
up when locking the environment in a Destroy method, now it doesn't.

- RemoveKinBody/RemoveProblem/RemoveSensor are all handled now by one
Environment::Remove method

- Added IMU sensor definitions

Also, the rossensorpublisher problem interface in the openrave_sensors
ROS package now publishes laser scans of all robots (openrave->ROS)


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