OpenRAVE 0.2.13 Release

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OpenRAVE 0.2.13 Release

Rosen Diankov
Dear OpenRAVE Users,

The 0.2.13 release separates the global OpenRAVE state from the
environment state. The main reason for this move was for better
management of multiple environments and for a new upcoming
ROSEnvironment class that will integrate better with the ROS package
file system.

More specifically, the new global state

- manages plugins/interfaces
- allows users to better manage multiple environments
- manages debug levels
- fixes many race conditions by organizing destruction order of all
global resources.
- allows destruction of entire OpenRAVE state and all resources using
a single call: RaveDestroy. These changes fix all thrown exceptions
when a program exits.
- OpenRAVE is initialized by first calling RaveInitialize, independent
of the environment.

All the global functions are prefixed with Rave*. A list is available here:

This change deprecates several function from the EnvironmentBase
class; however, old code should compile without problems (although
many warnings will be printed).


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