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OpenRAVE Release 0.2.15

Rosen Diankov
Dear OpenRAVE Users,

OpenRAVE 0.2.15 is released (r1846).

Here are the new changes since the previous release:

- The controller and physics engine API have changed to allow much
more flexible control.

Cleaned up velocity functions in the physics engine (interface is
simpler). KinBody class now converts joint velocities to link
velocities (and vice versa) internally. All joint velocity functions
have been removed from the physics engine interface, ie only link
velocity functions are offered. Link velocities always point to the
link's coordinate system origin (not the center of mass).

setting velocity behaves similar to setting dof values.
the default physics engine now stores velocities (it did not before).

some discussion for these changes can be found in this ticket:

- controller interface cleaning up, setting a controller on a robot
now requires the degrees of freedom that the controller uses to be
specified. The controller dof features allows multiple controllers to
use the same robot without interfering with each other.

- added a MultiController class to simplify setting multiple
controllers per robot. A C++ example is shown in the ormulticontrol
c++ demo

- ikfast major upgrades: can solve more complex kinematics requiring
conic section intersections or 6th degree polynomial solutions.
solving equations is now faster and more accurate (internal precision
is to 30 decimal digits). ikfast supports a new lookat type (more
about this in a later email).

- added a global openrave state that manages environments,
environments now have unique ids

- viewer graph handles allow changing transformation and showing/hiding.

- All user data is now derived from UserData class, this allows RTTI
to be used making type casts safe

- major upgrades on collada reader extending robot-specific
information (more on this in a future email once writer is done)

- added many new sensor types (Odometry/Tactle) and exporting them
through the python interface

- one sensor can support multiple sensor data (ie Odometry+Tactile+IMU)

- added OPENRAVE_DATABASE environment variable to allow users to
specify multiple database directories different from ~/.openrave

- pr2 IK is pre-generated

- safer destruction of all openrave resources using RaveDestroy, no
more segfauls on exit

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