OpenRAVE moves to Lesser GPL and Future Plans

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OpenRAVE moves to Lesser GPL and Future Plans

Rosen Diankov-2
Just wanted to notify everyone that the OpenRAVE Core has moved to the
Lesser GPL. This will hopefully attract more companies to use the
product rather than choosing a commercial solution. Because all the
specific algorithms are done through plugins, this is not a big loss
for the OpenRAVE developers and the research community. Most of the
default plugins still remain under the GPL, and plugin authors still
have the freedom to choose their own licenses if they distribute their

For the past year OpenRAVE has exposed more plugin interfaces, and
thus more functionality has been moving to plugins rather than staying
in the Core. The Core just makes sure everyone has a thread-safe and
consistent access to the OpenRAVE environment and services.

In the near future, collision detectors will also become an interface
(as physics engines have). This will allow anyone to easily use their
favorite collision library without pointing fingers at how slow ODE

Furthermore as most have noticed, the Core and GUI are become more and
more separate. Soon, they will be compiled as separate programs, and
the communication with the Core will be more standardized. The GUI
will most likely use the same communication interface as scripting.
For the user and plugin writers, all these changes will be
transparent. The familiar OpenRAVE usage model will remain the same,
so don't worry about additional complexity in usage.

Rosen Diankov,