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Rosen Diankov-2
Some news on recent changes:

- added a 'logging' plugin. This plugin will allow you to save,
record, and replay openrave scenes. The basic idea of recording is to
create the problem instance and set a filename and leave it running in
the background. This will create a binary file that can them be used
to replay back the entire data in openrave. This is somewhat better
than recording a movie for the following reasons:
   * it is faster and saving data is very compact
   * can replay in 3D (ie: move the camera)

   Although the record function isn't done yet, one of its functions
called savescene is done. savescene can save the entire openrave scene
into an xml file (along with each object's position and joint values),
which you can then open like a regular xml file.

- added a new CmdProblemInstance that provides registering methods
that simplifies sending commands to the problem. To use it, just
derive your probleminstance from CmdProblemInstance and call its
RegisterCommand function. You can see an example usage of this in the
'logging' plugin. Now you can send the logging plugin a 'help' command
and it will display all the commands along with their usage. I'll
convert the basemanipulation plugin to this format soon.

- Also changed the pConstraintFn member in PlannerParameters to a
class so it is similar to the way the other functions are; this allows
different threads to use the function on the user side because it
gives it context. For those of you that are using it, you will have to
change your code to conform to the new changes

- Finally, added a new plugin type called PhysicsEngine. This allows
plugin authors to add another physics engine simulator to OpenRAVE
without modifying the core.