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OpenRave and ROS

i was not allowed to post the question on the board, i ll try with an email then.
I have a problem with ros and openrave i hope you can help me.

For a project i have to use the Mitshubishi PA10, and we are using Ros.
I have never use ros before and i am having some problems. I have to compute a path when i receive coordinates from a node, my questions are:

- I receive the coordinates, how can i compute Inverse Kinematics? I mean, i can solve the problem mathematically and i know that i need the model of the robot to solve the problem, how can i upload the model of the robot in my programming environment?

- I read the openrave could help, but how? is only a simulation tool or is actually a tool that helps me manipulating the real robot?

 - i installed openRave and i can run the examples, but i read somewhere that iu need to install openrave_control_robots.... what is that? i found no documentation...and all the links i found give me a 404 error

i hope you can help
thank you

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