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I have successfully run ikfast and got functions for the forward and inverse kinematics for a 6-DOF arm using:

python `openrave-config --python-dir`/openravepy/_openravepy_/ikfast.py --robot=arm.dae --iktype=transform6d --baselink=0 --eelink=6 --savefile=ik.cpp

I would like to get optimised c++ functions for the forward kinematics of the other 5 links.  I am using C# for the rest of my project so don't want to use the rest of the openrave library and would like the code to be essentially the same as the output of ikfast.  I assume the forward kinematics of each link of the arm must be calculated during the IK calculation, is there a way to get ikfast to output the FK for each link and not just the end effector?

I've searched around but can't find the options that would allow this.

I have attempted to trick it into giving me FK of link 5 with:
python `openrave-config --python-dir`/openravepy/_openravepy_/ikfast.py --robot=arm.dae --iktype=translation3d --baselink=0 --eelink=5 --savefile=iki5.cpp

but then there is no solution because there is no longer a spherical wrist:
    raise self.CannotSolveError('need 3 joints')
__main__.CannotSolveError: 'need 3 joints'