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Re: IKFast and joint limits

Rosen Diankov
hi antons,

yes, this is correct. generated ikfast doesn't not take into account
joint limits. although in the future, i've been thinking of adding a
function that allows users to set joint limits. in either case, i'm
against the idea of hardcoding joint limits.

perhaps we can see a 2-3x increase in speed with early rejection, but
the generated ik solver is already very fast, so i doubt anyone will
notice ;0)


2010/6/8 Antons Rebguns <[hidden email]>:
> Hi Rosen,
> Just to confirm, does the generated IKFast code take the joint limits
> specified in the robot xml into account? From the discussion here on the
> mailing list it seems it does not, is that true?
> Thanks,
> Anton

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