Removing gmodel.autogenerate() requirement

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Removing gmodel.autogenerate() requirement

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Hello Openrave,
My code/files will be loaded at bottom if you wish to look how I am using things.

My project is coming along pretty well so far. It loads an environment, with my arm and hand, then listens for a rosnode that gives it the name of the stl file it wants to load/plan grasps for.

If you try to run my code: "rosrun rave_to_moveit " then in another terminal: "rostopic pub /object_path std_msgs/String "/data/hull_mesh1409680149.stl" -r 0.3"

After loaded, it moves on the trying to load gmodel, if it doesn't have the gmodel in the database, it requires using gmodel.autogenerate() function, which walks through all grasps and stores them. I am using the example that grabs returnnum worth of the first valid grasps.

The whole point of me trying to use this example was I wanted to save time and not need to generate all the grasps every time I load a new object, which will happen a lot in this project. So is there anyway to grab the first 20 valid grasps without the gmodel.autogenerate() function call?

And a small part two, I am trying to load the the hull_mesh to grasps in my code example and it seems to segfault out my code, is that because it is too small?