Symulate grasping with physics engine

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Symulate grasping with physics engine


I'm trying to establish grasps' robustness using the OpenRAVE environment (for my bachelor's thesis).

One of the quality measures is based on information how far was the object moved during grapsing from its initial position. To measure that I'd like to use OpenRAVE with ODE phisics engine.

I'm using grasping and inverse kinematics model databases build in OpenRAVE for now and everything goes fine until I turn on physics engine - robot and grasped object immediately start shaking which - obviously - makes the right measurment impossible.

I think that one of the couses might be the lack of dynamic description of the robot I'm using (it's described by its kinematics only) but I'm aftaid that filling those information might take a really large amount of work (the robot is using kuka arms and barrett hands) and it still doesn't explain why the mug on the table goes bananas even when it's not touched by the robot (I used environment and mugs from tutorial files for this proof of concept).

Here's the code and files I'm fiddling at the moment:

1. Is using OpenRAVE to this job a good idea?
2. What else could couse those wobbles?
3. Where can I find more examples of OpenRAVE with physics implementations to sneak a look at?
4. Are there any databases of robots (with their dynamics preferably) which I could use to test grasps in OpenRAVE environment?

Thanks in advance for your help.