Thesis on Autonomous Manipulation and OpenRAVE

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Thesis on Autonomous Manipulation and OpenRAVE

Rosen Diankov
Dear all,

A lot of users have asked about the internals of the manipulation
technologies OpenRAVE is employing along with the OpenRAVE
architecture and its advantages. The good news is that I recently
wrote a PhD thesis on exactly these issues and it is now available
online at:

CMU was kind enough to put up the thesis defense on youtube:

Anyway, the OpenRAVE architecture and most of its cool features that
differentiate it from other environments are in Chapter 8. Chapter 3-5
are specifically for manipulation planning. Chapter 6 is for automated
calibration using the theories from Chapters 3-5. For those of you
starting out in robotics, Chapter 2 discusses the necessary components
of a robot manipulation system. Chapter 1 should give a nice
introduction on the angle the thesis is examining the problem from and
the contributions.

There is a lot of great research on manipulation and thesis contains
many citations for those interested in pursuing the problem further.

Eventually my hope is that a lot of the thesis writing will be
converted into OpenRAVE documentation so it is more convenient.


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