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Updates in openrave inverse kinematics

Rosen Diankov
Dear all,

As of r1785, iksolverbase class takes coordinates with the manipulator
grasp frame pre-multiplied for all ik types. Before this change, the
coordinate systems were mixed and lead to confusions.

Also, a new "lookat3d" ik type was added. Lookat is a subset of ray
inverse kinematics and is used to get a particular ray to point to a
specific 3D position (ie a camera sensor to look at a specific point).
The "lookat3d" type differs from "direction3d" since it also considers
the translation of the links with respect to the target position

In order to generate analytic "lookat3d" ik, do

openrave.py --database inversekinematics --iktype=lookat3d --robot=....

An example will be added showing off this functionality...


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