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Youbot simple IK solutions

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I am trying to use python with openrave to query a position and alternatively position and orientation to get the joint values.  Then I will use those values with the driver interface to command the robot.  

I have followed (with modifying to youbot name to the correct .zae file).  It works, and on the second step I can see the virtual youbot moving.  However, I can not figure out how to simply query the IK.

First, I do not want to load anything like a scene or model.  Based on the tutorials and examples, the only way to load the robot I can find is using env.Load('kuka-youbot-hires.zae') then robot = env.GetRobots()[0].  This already opens the viewer.  How can I load it without the viewer?

Second, based on the IKTranslation tutorial, the ikmodel does not load, and so it does the autogenerate(), which takes almost 10 minutes.  I had seen the link to 'compile' the cpp generated file for windows, but can not find any tutorial on how to use it on linux or in the python code.  

I am hoping I am missing something simple, but not sure what.  Could someone point me in the right direction, or if there is example code of using a zae file in python to get kinematics results.

Thank you