change pointtolerance parameter on trajectory

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change pointtolerance parameter on trajectory

Hello, I have created a trajectory with many waypoints, but after the smoothing only few waypoints remains .

An example with 101 initial waypoint, and only 3 final waypoints.
[parabolicsmoother.cpp:121] initial path size=101, duration=422.792721, pointtolerance=0.200000
[parabolicsmoother.cpp:209] after shortcutting 0 times: path waypoints=3, traj waypoints=10, traj time=4.166976s
[parabolicsmoother.cpp:222] path optimizing - computation time=0.147000s

I suppose that pointtollerance value is too hight.
Can I change the pointollerance? How?

This is my test, but it doesn't work.
string extraParameters = "\"<pointtolerance>0.1</pointtolerance>\"";