graspAndPlaceObject with orrosplanning

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graspAndPlaceObject with orrosplanning


I am working with OpenRave+ROS under the orrosplanning package.
I am able to run the basic demo "" to move a robot arm using the ROS service.

However, I am looking for a more complex ROS service to "grasp and place" a target object by specifying the object name and the goal configuration. The grasp set is generated offline with I do not want to use fastgrasping.

The ROS service should return the arm trajectory to the grasping configuration and the trajectory to the goal.

I would like something similar to "graspAndPlaceObject" in the graspplanning example of the standalone version.
I tried to write a ROS service starting from the "graspAndPlaceObject" code but I did not manage to get it to work.

can you provide some help?