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hash discrepency?


What is the difference between “openrave-robot.py --hash" and the directory names under “~/.openrave”?  Because I cannot seem to get the same hash between the two.


I generated an ikfast file like so:

openrave.py --database inversekinematics --robot=rpr200.xml --manipname=end_of_arm --iktype=Translation3D --freejoint=elbow


and it generated this directory:



And I generated link statistics like so:

openrave.py --database linkstatistics --numthreads=8 --robot=rpr200.xml


and it generated this directory:



So far so good.  But when I use openrave-robot.py to determine the robot’s hashes, I get these:


$ openrave-robot.py rpr200.xml --hash kinematics --manipname end_of_arm


$ openrave-robot.py rpr200.xml --hash robot --manipname end_of_arm


$ openrave-robot.py rpr200.xml --hash body --manipname end_of_arm



I am using the latest OpenRave pulled from git last week on Ubuntu 14.04.





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