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or_ompl - OpenRAVE bindings for OMPL

Michael Koval
The Personal Robotics Lab at CMU is exited to announce or_ompl, an OpenRAVE planner plugin that provides bindings for OMPL. This short video outlines several key features of the plugin:


In summary, or_ompl enables you to:

- Plan in OpenRAVE using the full suite of OMPL geometric motion planners
- Call optimal motion planners, like BIT*, PRM*, and RRT*, in an anytime fashion
- Shortcut trajectories using OMPL's geometric path simplifier
- Easily expose new OMPL motion planners to OpenRAVE

The source code is BSD licensed and available on Github:


See the README for installation and usage instructions. Please do not hesitate to open an issue or pull request on Github if you have any issues.



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