problem on ik solver with dependent c++ codes

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problem on ik solver with dependent c++ codes

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use OpenRAVE ikfast dependent c++ code on my xml robot model (without the generated iksolver). I created the model in a.robot.xml file with <Manipulator>, but I do NOT use <iksolver> in this xml file.

Here are the problems I met:
1. It seems that if I call the RaveCreateModule(env, "ikfast"), I have to call the ikfast dynamic library, right?
2. Without using the module method, I tried to call RaveCreateIkSolver(env, "my_gripper_ik") method. It shows ERROR message: "openrave...Failed to create name my_gripper_ik, interface iksolver".

Does anyone know that is there any ideas to use the pure c++ ikfast methods without using the generated dynamic library? I mean without generating my model database.

Thanks to all,